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Ensign LN Formula B 1971

This car is RACE READY!!! Everything has been redone. Suspenion parts were cracktested and re nickeled. New wheels, tires, rear uprights, Holbay engine (build by Barry Sale of PHP, dynoed at 180+HP) and much more.

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Martini MK9 Formula III 1972

This georgeous car is strictly conform period rules. It has a air intake restricted 1600 cc Lotus twin-cam bease Vegantune engine. It was gone through completely, crack tested suspension, and needed only one new rotor.

Took the car three weeks ago to the Season Finale at VIR and got first in  class. Did not do any mechanical work during the four race days!!!!!

Has one set of 30% used slicks on revolutions ( and a new set of slicks) and a set of threaded Formula B tires with only the season finale on them (it was mostly wet, so they are as good as new).

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 Alpine A 310 V6 1978
Braid rims 15" & New Federal Tires.
In excellent condition.
Known background.
Alpine A310 1980
From Switzerland
French blue, blue inside
In excellent condition (nearly new)
Alpine A310 1982
From Switzerland
White, brown inside
In good condition


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